Defense applications

Thanks to the use of the intelligent mesh and its capabilities in simulating compressible multi-phase flows with high order numerical methods, LEMMA has been able to handle several problems encountered in defense applications. To get more details, please see the following cases and download our brochure.

  • Blast wave propagation in a city

We consider a purely three-dimensional blast problem in a complex geometry representing a 3D city geometry. A “blast-like” initialization is considered inside a half-sphere (which contains more energy that a basic Sod shock tube initialization). The multiscale (Hessian-based) anisotropic mesh adaptation approach has been applied using the density of the flow as sensor.

The mesh size at time sub-intervals varies between 1 million and 180 000 vertices. The simulation total CPU time is less than 12h on a 8-processors 64-bits MacPro with an IntelCore2 chipsets with a clock speed of 2.8 GHz with 32 Gb of RAM.

Surfacic mesh evolution.

Computed density.

  • Blast wave and FSI (rigid body)

2D blast impacting box FSI.

  • Blast wave on a bridge

Blast wave on a bridge.