Multiscales and multiphysics solverCutting edge intelligent mesh technologyHigh order numericsMeet the experts !

Multiscales and multiphysics solver

NICEFLOW high order numerics and multiphysics solver combined with intelligent mesh technology helps you to get unreachable results when considering classical approaches.

Cutting edge intelligent mesh technology

NICEFLOW-MESH: a new meshing tool generation including the intelligent mesh technology.

High order numerics

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Meet the experts !

LEMMA has a strong background in applied mathematics including CFD (computational fluid dynamics), statistics or big data handling. This knowledge allows us to be involved in all industrial fields where high added value is required and where your objectives are clearly unreachable by only considering classical approaches. In the following market sectors, e.g. aerospace, food, defense, offshore, maritime or renewable energy, LEMMA has strong references and can help you to make innovation one step ahead.