NICEFLOW® : The ultimate strongly coupled CFSD solver

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Features – Fluid dynamics

NICEFLOW is a 2D and 3D Mixed-Element-Volume solvers for transient compressible and incompressible Euler and Navier Stokes equations.

Fast and high order numerics
  • High order discretisation schemes : up to order 6 in space and 3 in time for both compressible and incompressible transient solvers.
  • Fast and robust linear systems solvers dedicated to powerful and scalable parallel computations (tested on several million nodes).
Turbulent flow modelization
  • DNS (Re<10000).
  • RANS k-eps (including low-Re Goldberg model).
  • DES.
  • LES (Large Eddy Simulation) based models.
  • User defined functions (own inlet velocity profile, turbulent and energy settings).
Heat transfer
  • Convection.
  • Conjugate heat transfer between fluids and structures.
  • Energy equations solved within user defined RHS.
  • Temperature dependent rheology parameters.
  • User defined functions (own temperature or/and flux settings).
Free surface flow
  • Numerical basin (naval and off-shore applications) :
    • wave generator (regular/irregular, linear or non-linear),
    • floating bodies (6DOF) and mechanical systems with anchors (linear or non linear).
  • Improved high order and conservative Level-Set method.
  • Free surface flow under microgravity (space applications).
  • Surface tension.
  • User defined functions (multiple level-set settings).
Multiphase flow
  • Fast eulerian models to simulate dispersed phases including bubbles, solid particles and droplets (one way, two way coupling).
  • Phase separation models.
  • Emulsion : recent multi-scales model derived from kinetic theory.
  • Mixing of liquids : multi-scales model to estimate the quality of multispecies blend.
  • Gas mixing (perfect or stiffened gas).
  • Non newtonian free surface flow (viscoplastic & viscoelastic fluids).
  • Surface tension.
  • User defined functions.
Scalar transport
  • Concentration transport and diffusion.
  • Residence time.
Rheology and complex fluids
  • Viscoplastic fluids.
  • Thixotropy (time dependent).
  • Viscoelastic fluids (within high We number flows).
  • Sand transport (within high concentration level and four way coupling).
  • Non newtonian fluids mixing modelization : multi-scales model derived from kinetic theory.
  • Emulsion : recent multi-scales model derived from kinetic theory, surface tension.
  • User defined functions (own viscosity model settings, temperature dependencies, inlet velocity profiles…).
Multi-domains calculations
It means that you can use in the same simulation as many solvers (compressible/incompressible) as needed (1 solver linked to one domain) providing that domains are physically separated.

Features – Structural dynamics

NICEFLOW is a 2D/3D finite element structural solver, enable to solve linear and highly non linear problems.

NICEFLOW structure solver is equipped with a temperature solver which computes, inside the structure, the temperature resulting from a given thermal load at its boundaries. This temperature field can be used to introduce material parameters dependence on the temperature. Material thermal dilatation can also be taken into account.
NICEFLOW offers the possibility to perform large displacement and large deformations simulations on elastic structures. Several hyper-elastic potential models are currently available:

  • a neo-Hookean potential model, the coefficients of which can be either constant or given by an external user function (dependence in time, position and temperature),
  • a Mooney-Rivilin potential model, the coefficients of which can be either constant or given by an external user function (dependence in time, position and temperature.

All these laws are reformulated so as the resulting potential model to be poly-convex and physically well-defined. Geometrical non-linearities are fully taken into account in the variational formulation.

XFEM crack propagation
Dedicated solver in fatigue crack propagation field is available. See here for details.

Features – Fluid-Structure Interaction

NICEFLOW is a 2D/3D Mixed-Element-Volume solvers, for transient and strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction problems.

  • Take both fluid and structural features presented above and launch your simulation using our FSI solver.
  • NICEFLOW handles elastic or plastic contacts during FSI simulation.
  • Strong coupling enables you to perform simulations with fluid and material densities ratio closed to one.
  • Fast and modern fully implicit solver.
  • See below how NICEFLOW can handle simulation including :
    • intelligent mesh (to follow free surface and moving parts),
    • free surface flow,
    • fluid-structure interaction including rigid contact between moving objects.

Funny (but touchy!) example of FSI simulation

Hard spheres in fluid collision.

FSI calculation on a rubber flipper