Featured technology: high order numerical methods

Why high order numerical schemes ?

Given a number of nodes, the only way to get better results for your simulations is to increase the order of numerical schemes. In other words, it is possible to reach the same simulation quality with fewer nodes (ratio between 3 to 5 ) by using high order numerical schemes. Then, combined with intelligent mesh, high order numerics make challenging problems and numerical experiments affordable in an industrial context.

Example : numerical investigation of thermally stratified wake behind a towed body

In this example, the aim of this work (published in [Sainte-Rose & al., OMAE 2013]) is to first carry out a spatial development of the flow past several types of bluff bodies. The resulting wake then undergoes a temporal development and is computed as far as 2000 times the characteristic length of the body. Comparisons of numerical results with experimental data are also available and show the high quality of the obtained results. Just to give the reader an idea, these simulations were performed with a six order scheme in space and three order scheme in time, using LES-VMS (Large Eddy Simulation-Variational Multi-Scale) models implemented in NICEFLOW® software.